Daddy Freeze Berates Pastor Poju Oyemade For Clapping Back At An Evangelist

– Controversial Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze has waded into the e-banter that ensued between Pastor Poju Oyemade and Evangelist Okafor, and in his opinion, the Evangelist has every right to question the pastor.

– Guess how it all started. It all began when Pastor Oyemade tweeted this below:

And Evangelist Okafor replied:

“What value will ds add to Ur church members than arouse them in d wrong ambience of tots!”

Pastor Oyemade wouldn’t let Evangelist Okafor have the last word and he clapped back, asking him to mind his business.

Pastor Poju Oyemade: “One of the fundamental principles of life and ministry is to face your work and mind your business. Leave that to my Church members. Brother let every man walk his own path. God bless.”

See their exchange below:

OAP Freeze however felt Evangelist Okafor had every right to ask questions and Pastor Oyemade had no right to clap back at him, so he addressed Pastor Poju Oyemade in an Instagram post.

Daddy Freeze wrote: Savage pastor #clapback ???

Enjoying football all the way in Russia, away from the stress of Nigeria…. Tithe truly pays!?

Mind your business ke? Did Jesus mind his business when he made a whip and flogged people out of the temple? Did he mind his business when he called his elders in their 70s and 80s blind fools? Did Paul mind his business when he confronted Peter for his hypocrisy?

You have a right to watch a football match, but if questioned by someone who has a right to question you, respond with the Bible, not with a lame clap back! ~FRZ

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