Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to transfer rumours after being linked with Manchester United and PSG

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke on his rumored return to Manchester United and a move to Paris Saint-Germain as Juventus are open to offloading him.

The 36-year-old Portuguese forward while speaking with journalists on the eve of Portugal’s opening fixture with Hungary on Tuesday, said: ‘I have been playing at the highest level for many years this doesn’t faze me, maybe if I was 18 or 19 I might have had some sleepless nights, but I’m 36,’ Ronaldo said at a press conference on Monday.

 ‘It’s like I say, whatever comes, it will be for good. Regardless of whether you stay or leave, that’s not the most important right now.

‘The most important thing is to focus on the national team, a competition of this magnitude is not played every day, I’m going to play the fifth European but in my mind it’s like the first.

 ‘I want to start on the right foot, I want to win, I want to play well and I want to have positive thoughts, from the beginning to the end of the competition.’

Ronaldo also stressed that he is still comfortable playing in various positions for Portugal.

 ‘I feel comfortable playing up front, as always,’ said Ronaldo.

 ‘Left, right, front, back, wherever it’s best to help the team win.

 ‘That’s the most important thing, regardless of the fact that I play in the position that I like the most. Any position suits me. The important thing is to win and help the national team.’

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