Conducting DNA tests for children leads to healthier relationships — Allwell Ademola

Nollywood Actress, Allwell Ademola, has opined that there is nothing wrong with conducting DNA tests for children saying would settle trust issues and lead to healthier relationships.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt that she told Sunday Scoop, “There is nothing bad about men conducting paternity tests for their children. That way, everyone in the family would be sure (of where they stand) and have healthy relationships. There wouldn’t be doubts and suspicions. I am not against it.”

The plus-sized beauty also said, “It is high time for stakeholders and associations (in the movie industry) to start thinking of retirement plans for veteran actors. The government has really not been helping in that regard.”


On what has kept her relevant over the years, Ademola said, “Hard work, thinking outside the box, not being comfortable with where I am and multitasking are the things that have kept me relevant. I am not just an actor. I am also script writer and movie director. I make soundtracks for movies as well. I strive to do better all the time. I believe that one is only as good as one’s last job. I always want to do better than what I have done in the past.”

The actress also vehemently stated that she had no intention of retiring anytime soon, even as she advised celebrities to keep important parts of their lives away from the public glare.


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