Comedy can be use to curb violence in Nigeria –Julius Agwu

Comedian, Julius Agwu, has said comedy can be used to curb violence spreading across the country. He stated, “Anything that makes people laugh is a welcome development. Comedy takes people’s minds off their worries and puts them in a relaxed state. Comedy can actually be used to curb violence and restiveness among youths in the country. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Commenting on why he staged a show in Kaduna State recently, Agwu said, “I did the show in Kaduna because I don’t think there had been any major show in that state before then. It was also a way to keep the youth engaged because there has been a lot of violence in that area.”

Sharing his thoughts on the proliferation of comedy shows in the country, the author of Jokes Apart, How did I get Here? said, “There are many comedy shows because there are many comedians; just like we have too many criminals too. We have standup comedians, social media comedians and others. Anybody now can claim that he or she is a comedian. You can do anything and put it on social media. But one of the best ways to prove your mettle is to go on stage and make people laugh.”

Dismissing the claims that he had transitioned from being a comedian to a preacher, Agwu said, “That was when I did a show, Laff for Christ’s Sake. It was an avenue to thank God for sparing my life. It doesn’t mean that I’ve moved from being a comedian to a preacher. I will be having a show next year and you will see me in yet another light.”


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