Comedian Bovi leaves daughter in tears after a prank video

Popular Comedian Bovi has shared a the reaction of his 7-year-old daughter, Elena to a viral Tik-Tok scholarship prank.

In the viral video, children are to trick their guardians into making a video so as to solicit funds for the scholarship that involves thousands of dollars and the children are to state illegal activities done by their parents in order to get their reaction.

However, Bovi has switched up this challenge to prank his 7-year-old daughter, Elena in order to get her reaction.

The father of two promised Elena a trip to Disneyland for 6 months if she’s willing to do a presentation video.

He said in the prank;

“My name is Bovi and this is my daughter Elena she’s 7 years old. I think she qualifies to go to Disney to spend 6 months and have the time of her life.

We have been through a whole lot, I mean Elena from the time she wees on the bed and we would encourage that it’s not good… Even when she started to steal in school and got expelled we had to beg her but the school refused her and we had to get her to another school”. He said in the video”.

However, Elena who kept mute and only gave funny facial expressions suddenly burst into tears.

video Below:


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