Church leaders caught having sex during night service

Church worship leaders were caught having sex during all night service as caught by other members of the church.

The two were busy having sex during all night service red-handed inside a guest room of their pastor’s house while the service was ongoing.

According to the reports, they were caught in the act by the security at the pastor’s house who explained that it was the man who led the lady to the house after he had proposed to the her earlier that evening.

He said:

“On that day, the two were at a night prayer in the area. During the night the boy proposed love to the girl and she accepted. At 3 a.m the two left other members of the church and went to the guest room where they had sex once”.

In the meantime, the two are set to meet the disciplinary committee to answer questions on what happened. This happened in a church in Ghana. Story still developing

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