Chorister who lives with her boyfriend judges another woman for not going to church

A Nigerian lady, Omahfitness, narrated how a lady who sang in a church choir used to judge her for not going to church.

Her post below:

“I remember when my neighbour’s girlfriend had issues with me not going to church few years ago. Sis was cohabiting with a man she was not married to and sings in the church choir and always preaching to me to go to church.”

“It wasn’t the question that was irking then, it was the undertone. She always sounded so judgemental. I was the ekwensu that was going straight to hell because I don’t go to church.

“So one day I got so fed up and told her ” ‘I no dey go church but I still better pass you wey dey live with man wey never marry u.'”

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