Checkout Reno Omokri’s reaction to report of Bauchi carpenter who wants 40 children

Award winning author, Reno Omokri has reacted report of Bauchi carpenter who wants 40 children.

A 36-year-old carpenter in an interview with Leadership Newspaper, had revealed that he is proud of becoming father of 13 children after his four wives gave birth within 3 weeks and he added that his desire is to have 40 kids.

Reacting to this, the Former presidential spokesperson tweeted;

The Bauchi carpenter who wants to have 40 kids is a symptom of why Africa is poor. In 1960, Nigeria’s population was 45 million. UK’s was 52 million. In 2021, Nigeria’s population is 200 million. UK’s is 67 million. Once it rains, Africans think of women, instead of agriculture!

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