Chad Johnson Signs With Semi-Pro Soccer Team Boca Raton FC: Report

The former NFL wide receiver is now a soccer player.

Chad Johnson was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL when he was active. Since retiring from football, the man who once went by “Ochocinco,” has shown a large interest in soccer. Recently, Johnson got the opportunity to train with the semi-pro soccer team Boca Raton FC. After a successful tryout, the team announced on Tuesday that they have signed the 41-year-old to a contract for the upcoming season, according to Sports Illustrated.“I’m really excited to join the team and contribute in any way possible,” Johnson said in a statement. “For me, this is more than just an opportunity but a dream come true that I was never able to fulfill during my childhood.”

Johnson played five exhibition games with the squad and notched two assists and a goal. The team’s head coach also commented on the signing, saying how happy he is to have Johnson on the team.“Chad is a tremendous athlete,” said head coach Jim Rooney. “He has proven himself in the gridiron and will now prove himself in the soccer pitch. Chad has had some great training and preseason matches with us and we are excited to continue this journey with him.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson has tried out for a soccer team. Back in 2011 he tried out for Sporting Kansas City but didn’t end up making the team.

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