Celebrities are also affected by rising cost of living – Hilda Dokubo

As Nigerians continue to lament the rising costs of foodstuff and other commodities, Veteran actress, in an interview says celebrities were also affected by the harsh economic climate of the country.

She said, “Do we have different markets for different people? It is the same markets we all go to. Prices are hiked. If pepper is a handful for a hundred naira, it would actually be more expensive for celebrities because people feel they have more money so, they want to charge them more. So, when people say it (economic situation) does not affect celebrities, I wonder if they know what they are talking about.”

She added, “What we can say for sure is that most celebrities have earned goodwill. When one has earned goodwill, people could give one gifts. And, those gifts could include food items. But that (rising) prices (of things) do not affect celebrities is not true at all. Everyone is affected by whatever is going on in the country right now.”

The actress also noted that she does not go to the market herself. She said, “I don’t do my shopping myself. There are few things I can do myself but they don’t include going to the market. Somebody else does that (for me).”


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