While reports previously speculated that CJ Wallace, the son of the late Notorious B.I.G., would be following in his pops’ footsteps to pursue a musical career, the young Wallace has most recently announced his venture into entrepreneurship.According to a new Forbes report, Wallace is joined by his stepfather Todd Russaw and Willie Mack to launch the Think BIG cannabis company. The venture will focus on vapes, apparel, “limited-edition top-shelf flower, pre-rolls” and more.“Our challenge to the world is to first think bigger about your place in it. The rise of social justice movements like BLM, LGBTQ+ rights, and the fight for socially equitable democracies around the world is rising and cannabis is a big part of that conversation,” Mack tells Forbes. “I have been in the cannabis industry for over four years now and it is one of the fastest growing industries globally for a reason, because it touches every part of society; legal, finance, banking, creativity, art, design, legal, politics, education, science, beauty, cosmetics, agriculture, climate change! These two plants, cannabis and hemp, are going to change and maybe save the world.”

Where CJ Wallace is concerned, Think BIG is a part of carrying on the legacy of his legendary father: “In terms of legacy, I’ve always been curious about who Christopher George Latore Wallace really was,” he told the publication. “My second dad, Todd, has always instilled in me to make sure that I carry on the legacy in my own unique way, and that — because my name holds weight — I can’t do anything half-assed. I have to do my best.”

A part of this strategy includes the launching of limited edition t-shirts that commemorate the anniversary of Biggie’s death, by illustrating the intersection of Fairfax and Wilshire where the rapper was fatally shot in 1997.

“Growing up in LA, I have watched that corner change over the years, and have wondered why there wasn’t a memorial for him at that location,” CJ penned in an Instagram caption. “As a way to honor his life and legacy, we created this limited-edition T-shirt. This will serve as a memorial until we can build something to honor his life, music, and the creativity he gave to the world.