Benin girls are not fun – Speed Darlington says as he shares his s*xcapade experience in Abuja (video)

Rapper, Speed Darlington has shared his recent sexcapade experience in Abuja on social mediasaying a Benin girl he spent the night with during his recent trip to Abuja, complained throughout her stay and he ended up using two condoms without ejaculating.

Recalling his past experience in Abuja before the recent visit, he said he had two girls to himself during the first visit and another two during the second visit saying the two girls he had during the second visit include an “Hausa girl and a Benin girl”.

Speed Darlington said while the Hausa girl treated him nicely, the Benin girl also complained but he cut off the Hausa girl because she smoked crack. He then concluded that “Benin girls are not fun, they complain a lot”.

video below:


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