BBNaija: I never asked Nini for more than friendship while in the house –Saga

A former Big Brother Naija (Shine Ya Eye) housemate, Adeolu Okusaga, popularly called Saga, says though he was close to Nini, in the house but he never asked her for anything more than friendship.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “I am a passionate lover and a loyal friend. That was how I was raised, so I was just being myself on the show. Nini was the person I was most connected with, and I never asked her for a relationship or for us to be more than friends. And, there was no time she told me I was crossing the boundary. We had a pure and amazing energy, and we never had any fight except when Big Brother gave us tasks (to fake fights). I believe our relationship in the house was a bit intense but that’s what the competition does to one. My relationship with Nini in the house was not about strategy. It was all about friendship. She was my friend in the house and we’re still friends since we got outside the house.”

On how he would feel if he was in Nini’s boyfriend’s shoes, Saga said, “I believe that there must be a level of trust for a boyfriend to allow his girlfriend come to Big Brother Naija. In the case of Nini and I, we didn’t cross the line. So, I guess Nini and her boyfriend are fine and still dating.


I respect her relationship and my career is the most important thing on my mind. Since I didn’t win the show, I need to make the best use of what I have right now. I am not looking for any relationship.”

Saga also maintained that he reacted the way he did when Nini was taken to a secret room in the house because he felt guilty after they had an argument the night before. He said, “When people leave the house, one gets to spend a week knowing they might go, and one gets the time to say goodbye. But in that case, it was like she was whisked away, so it felt like death. I was the last person who had a fight with her before she left, so I felt maybe, I triggered whatever they said made her leave.

I felt guilty that I could have caused her sudden exit from the house, and the fact that she didn’t get to talk to me before she left reminded me of my mum’s demise.”

While in the house, Saga hinted that he did not have a close relationship with his dad, but he said, “My relationship with my dad has improved over the years and I mentioned it several times on the show. However, I am still used to staying away from him. I work in Port Harcourt and he lives in Lagos, so we don’t get to see each other often. Growing up, my dad wasn’t available hundred per cent, but now we have an understanding, respect and love for each other.”

On his future plans, the artist said, “I would be focusing on my art, fitness, modelling and acting. I need to put my art out there and I would host at least one exhibition before the end of the year.”



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