Bauchi Governor’s daughter raises alarm over death threats; Says it’s people from the south

The Daughter of Bauchi Governor, Fatima Zara Bala Mohammed who recently blasted those critizing her for her silent over the #EndSARS protests against police brutality has reacted to the backlash she received from social media users over her harsh words.

Taking to her Instagram story to share screenshots showing some of the reactions to her rants, she allege that she received death threats.

“Thank you! We preach love and then I wake up to death threats. Thank you very much! We preach love to the north, south etc but it’s awlays people from the south sending me death threats. Thank you. Still love you guys1 May Allah heal us all,” she wrote

“Tell all your friends that I ‘ve seen the death threats. And I have seen things like “let depression kill you, I pray you commit suicide” Thank you very very much1 I pray you all dont ever suffer from mental health issues. And if you do I pray God heals you. Charity starts from home. You cant solve Nigeria with this sick mentality” she added.

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