Avoid single moms, they wasted their prime f**king irresponsible guy – Vlogger, Shadaya Knight

Popular Vlogger Shaday Knight advised men to stay away from single moms because they wasted their prime with irresponsible guys.

The South African man took to his social media page to sound his warning, he wrote;

Avoid single moms at all costs. She wasted her prime fxcking irresponsible guys. Then when the irresponsible guy bails on her she now seeks YOU, the very nice guys she used to call boring to help raise her illegitimate offsprings. Don’t save a woman from her past of bad decisions

Yep she just wants someone to take care of her kid(s). She knows a simp will do whatever to impress her HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE

I think it’s just thirstiness and scarcity. Not many guys are good at getting women, so they just settle for any one who shows them a bit of affection

I ain’t taking care of another man’s seed

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