August Alsina has not been dealt with the best of cards as of late. The 26-year-old “Song Cry” singer lost his sister on Christman Day last year and became the legal guardian to his two nieces.

“I’m going through my process. I’m going through my journey,” he recently stated when discussing how he’s doing. “And I’m not looking for any sympathy because I know that God has me even when I feel that God doesn’t. Even when I’m talking to God in a rage and I can’t hear God responding to me. I’m just in a space where I know that there are certain things you can learn about God through suffering.”

The Blast now reports that August has been evicted from is Bell Canyon, California home for allegedly being behind $20,000 in rent. The publication details how the owner of the mansion, Robert Howard, is suing the singer, claiming that he stopped paying February of this year.

August began his lease in 2016 for the 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion agreeing to pay $10,000 a month. Robert claims he gave August a three-day notice at the beginning of the month and now he’s suing to evict him and claims his $20,000.