Asking citizens to queue for NIN numbers amidst Covid 19 is completely irresponsible – Banky W blast FG

Singer cum politician, Banky W has faulted the Nigerian government for making citizens queue to get the National Identification Number (NIN) amidst the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He tweeted;


In the middle of the pandemic, this is how our Nigerian Government has its citizens queuing up to get their NIN numbers. Completely reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous. Then tomorrow the NCDC will release covid infection rates and say social distancing. This country sha. Kai.

@NCDCgov @NigeriaGov @NGRPresident This is completely irresponsible of us as a country, to insist on this mad scramble for NIN numbers in the middle of Covid’s 2nd wave. People are dying. We should be smarter/wiser/better than this for goodness sake.

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