Armed Robbers cart away with huge sum in daylight

A five -man robbery gang on Monday evening at Hospital road, near Aba Area Command of Nigeria Police struck a tricycle warehouse and carted away an undisclosed amount of cash in a daylight robbery incident.

The robbers, reportedly, came with two tricycles, pretending to buy goods from the warehouse, before striking which led to some staffs being injured.

An eyewitness ,who identified himself as Kingsley, claimed efforts to alert policemen at the Aba Area Command who share the same main road with the compound failed as they (Police) reportedly failed to respond to distress calls.

He said: “I was in my own shop when they came. One of my neighbours escaped through the back to call some policemen at Aba Area Command and Central Police Station, but to our greatest surprise, they refused to come nor even show their face.

“The armed robbers came with two tricycles, guns and other weapons and surrender all the workers in the warehouse and robbed the place within few minutes and left undisturbed.

“This is unbelievable in front of the biggest police station in Aba. The worst is that one of the policemen called whom we all knew very well said he must finish his suya which he was eating before he could make a move.”

Another eyewitness who sustained injury told our reporter that the situation remains dramatic to him.

“They used heavy hammer to hit me on my shoulder. As you can see, I can’t even move my hands. They carted away huge amount of money.”

A senior police officer at the Aba Area Command confirmed the robbery, but said that there was no contact to the police adding that the victims at the time of filing the report were yet to make official report about the incident.

The source who accused the victims of being behind the incident wondered why they were yet to come to the police station to come and make official entry of the matter.

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