Apostle Johnson Suleman is suffering from cognitive dissonance. Fact!

Apostle Johnson Suleman is suffering from cognitive dissonance. Fact!

Apostle Johnson Suleman is suffering from cognitive dissonance.

With these 2 videos we can prove it.

In this first video which was recorded before the Nigeria 2019 general election, he was clearly in support of Atiku.

In the video Apostle Johnson Suleman spoke about his choice for 2019 Nigeria presidential election where he told his church members that The Lord told him to tell them to vote for a Thief instead of a Killer. Am sure we all know the people he was referring to . Here is the video;


However shortly after the election and the incumbent- Buhari- clearly won his second term in office and  Atiku threatened  to go to court and challenge the result of the election simple because he lost Apostle Johnson Suleman came out with another video clearly telling whoever lost the election should go home rather than going to court. If you are following my drift am very sure you know who Apostle Johnson Suleman was addressing in the video here it is…


As you can clearly see Apostle Johnson Suleman is suffering from  anxiety that results in him simultaneously holding contradictory belief. The question now is who are the people still sitting at the feet of this man lapping up everything that comes out of his mouth. Do they not have the mental capacity to arrive at a conclusion that this man is mentally unstable?


For the benefit of those that do not know what a cognitive dissonance is let us define or come up with its definition.

Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable mental state resulting from conflicting cognitions; usually resolved by changing some of the cognitions


Here are following indicator for developing self awareness that help you know where you are suffering from cognitive dissonance. .

  1. If you developed an opinion not based on on a process for reaching a conclusion but because you followed what others were doing
  2. If you find a spilt in your heart and mind about something you are doing. And You know both are not aligned
  3. If you see yourself develop ego and not able to give logical answers when somebody questions your beliefs
  4. If you find it hard to develop an invert opinion about something you so conclusively believe
  5. If you consider some verdict as final instead of believing some piece of information can be available which can falsify your current opinions
  6. You believe something to be true just because you spent more hours learning or doing it

These were some indicators which can help you identify your own personal biases which stop you from acknowledging dissonace.

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