Annabelle’ Reveals Title for Third Movie & Release Date

The Conjuring is readying the world for the next instalment of its horror universe with the return of its lead character Annabelle for a third movie in the spin-off series.

James Wan‘s interconnected series’ have captured the spirits of horror fans across the globe. Following 2018’s The Nun, the franchise brings back its most chilling storyline of a haunted Victorian doll for the third Annabelle series, titled Annabelle Comes Home.

An 11-second teaser tells nothing more than just the title, however, features to a retro cinema projector in the trailer which may or may not be a hint on an underlying theme in the upcoming movie. Nonetheless disturbing, Annabelle Comes Home is reportedly set after the time the doll was placed in the protagonist’s museum, but before the easter egg of Annabelle was spotted in Aquaman, seeing the doll floating in the background of one ocean scene.

Lorraine and Ed Warren will be played once again by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, and the film is directed by Gary Dauberman – the writer of the past two Annabelle films. Wan continues to produce the film franchise.

Continuing the interconnected franchise will not just be Annabelle Comes Home, but also Curse of La Llorona, another haunting film produced by Wan which loosely connects to his billion dollar franchise.

Annabelle Comes Home will be ready to frighten audiences worldwide on June 28 2019.

Watch the Trailer below:


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