“Aladdin” Trailer Reveals Will Smith’s Genie In True Blue Glory

Disney’s “Aladdin” comes alive with glimpses at Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, Genie, and more.


It’s been a minute, but the Aladdin trailer has finally arrived. Off the bat, it looks to be a dynamic affair. For one, the “Street-Rat’s” parkour game is on point, as he scales walls in an effort to elude Agrabah’s scorned merchants. Such a raw display of athleticism managed to catch the eye of one Princess Jasmine, a scene fans of the animated series will likely recognize. We also get a first glimpse at the Twitter-dubbed “Hot Jafar,” who appears to be the catalyst for Al’s foray into the cave of wonders. This time, however, he does not appear to be dressed as a decrepit old man.
It doesn’t take long before Will Smith’s Genie hits the scene, holding it down with his own take on “Friend Like Me.” We can only hope that Big Will slips in a few family-friendly bars, as Genie has had ten-thousand years to engrave the inner-lamp with some fire. In a curious turn, Will appears to take a relatively human form for some of the film, as he explains to Al that there’s “a lot of grey area” in becoming a prince. Glimpses of “Prince Ali,” a bit of Genie wisdom (as well as some Hitch-esque matchmaking), “A Whole New World,” ostriches unleashed, a giant parrot, and much more.
Check the trailer below, and sound off. Do you think Guy Ritchie and Disney can pull this off, come May 24th? 


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