Airport cleaner who have returned millions of Nairas is trending again [see reason]

Josephine Agwu, the airport cleaner who gained popularity after she returned huge sums of money forgotten at the airport multiple times, is trending again.

She became viral following an interview she granted where she lamented about not being rewarded adequately for her integrity.

In 2014, Ms. Josephine Agwu found 12 million naira inside the airport toilet and returned it. She was praised and received cash gifts for the commendable act.

She also found 10 million naira, 8 million naira, and 7 million naira forgotten by travellers in the airport, and each time, she returned the suitcase containing the money over to the authorities.

In a recent interview with Legit TV, Ms Agwu  said:

As you see me, I’m a person people know the whole world today. But see.

Nobody in Nigeria do what I did.

I return money four times in Nigeria. I’m a cleaner, the year 2014 in Murtala Muhammed, return 12 million, return 10 million, return 8 million, return 7 million.

But if na other countries, I’ll be an ambassador to telling youths that honest is paying. But now see. They close it. Nobody to remember it.

But I’m happy. I know that one day…

Only God can survive this Nigeria because people in Nigeria, evil people in Nigeria, they don’t want to help people, help poor. People are suffering.


Watch the video below:


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