Actress Shade Shittu speaks on possibility of going naked in movies

Nollywood Actress, Shade Shittuhas opined that one doesn’t have to go naked to play a romantic role convincingly.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said, “I cannot go completely naked just because I want to play a romantic role. I can act a romantic scene because I believe sex is one major problem people are facing in marriage.”

On the notion that actresses were promiscuous and led wayward lives. She stated, “That is how people who say that see it. We are all sinners; just that we sin differently. Being an actress doesn’t make one wayward. It is who one is as a person that really matters. One’s profession does not define who one is.”

On what 2020 meant to her, the actress said, “Against all odds, I thank God for life. Though we didn’t pray for some of the things we experienced in the year, especially the COVID-19 pandemic but we should still be grateful to God for keeping us alive.”




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