Actress, Peggy Ovire reveals the secret to succeed in Nollywood

Nollywood Actress, Peggy Ovire’s beauty, well known for her physical endowment has noted that she preferred to be ‘chased’ rather than ‘shoot her shot on any man.

She told Saturday Beats, “It is about what works for the individual. I don’t judge people based on their actions but as for me, I like to be chased.”

On beauty not enough for one to succeed in Nollywood, Ovire said, “It is strange to me that some people think beauty is what makes one successful in Nollywood. No, it does not work that way. It is actually about hard work, patience, perseverance and learning the act. If one is pretty but cannot pass a message across to people, of what use is that beauty? Personally, I am still learning to act. Beauty does not determine one’s success in life. What comes out of one’s mouth when one is in a room full of intelligent people and what one brings to the table are much more important.”

She added, “Life doesn’t treat one based on what one looks like. Challenges are inevitable. I have had my own share of them and would continue to have them as long as I live.”

On how she keeps fit, Ovire, who began her career as a model, said she tries to watch what she eats, visits the spa at least once a week and use products that are environmentally friendly.”


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