Actress Moyo Lawal Says She’s “Commissioner Of Short And Fat Women”

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has shared a spectacular picture of herself revealing her blessed shape, this came in response to a fan who tried to body shame her.

The actress seems not to find this interesting has she hurl abusive word on the person and praising her perfect look and shape.

She wrote, ‘someone tried to bodyshame me. Me? Moyo Lawal?? Its like you want to be unfortunate’.

Then she continued to add, ‘Emi? Commissioner of Short and fat Women. Please don’t let anyone bodyshame you oooh, you are perfect the way you are, just please make sure you are healthy ….. If someone is perfect … Surgery has entered setting, so don’t allow anyone get to you. Please the only thing that pains my heart is that them bodyshamers be looking like a ?? Did I forget class captain of #Teampepperdem. Me I won’t block you oooh, frustration will make you go and save money for surgery’

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