Actress Ijeoma Thomas opens up on the sugar daddy behind her expensive lifestyle

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ijeoma Thomas had gifted herself a new ride of White Mercedes Benz.

Many questioned how she can afford the luxurious lifestyles, however when asked the Sugar Daddy behind her latest multimillion naira car, she said;

“No sugar daddy is sponsoring me, believe me, that’s for non-educated people. I believe if you have the money you can do anything you want to do with it; you don’t even need to be a celebrity for you to make yourself happy or live the kind of life you want to live. The last thing I would do at this point in my life is to bother myself about what people think or say about me. Aside from acting,  I own Palladio boutique, I run contracts and own a production house,” she said.

The light-skinned Thespian spoke on why female celebrities tend to be more successful than their male counterparts.


She says, “Honestly, I do not agree with this because men have more contacts. They have more connections than females these days. Remember there are lots of ladies out there who are not successful in any way, that doesn’t mean that they don’t look good or attractive. For guys, the movie is very lucrative; it pays them well, takes care of their bills  and many more but not everybody has same opportunity and favour.”

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