Actress, Efe Irele narrates her ordeal with skin disorder

Nollywood Actress, Efe Irele, has recounted how she battled hyperpigmentation, which inspired her to create her own skincare line.
she told Sunday Scoop, “My skin at its worst was my inspiration for creating a skincare line. I remember how insecure I felt when I was battling hyperpigmentation and terrible hormonal acne. I have had different skin issues at different times. Sometimes, I did not even want to go outside, not to talk of being on screen. There was also the constant struggle to figure out what products wouldn’t make my skin worse. Those who know would tell you that it’s ‘hit or miss’ out there. All that put me on the path of gaining more knowledge about skincare and creating products that solve most skin issues with super effective formulas that help boost confidence.”
on actors being stereotyped in Nollywood, Irele said, “Even in Hollywood, it happens. When someone knows one as a movie character, it is only natural that they view one through that lens. When one sees American actor, Morris Chestnut, one would look at him as a lover boy. When one sees English actor, Jason Statham, one would picture him as a hero. It’s only normal.”
When asked if she felt she would have been more successful if she weren’t an actress, Irele stated, “It depends on what you mean by success. Financially, I would have been better off but as per fulfilment, I’m not so sure. My passion is here and I’m happy. I won’t trade it for anything.”

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