Actress Angela Okorie slam ladies calling out their baby daddies, Mercy Aigbe reacts

Ace Nollywood actress Angela Okorie on Monday, June 18, took to her Instagram handle to slam all those ladies who called out their ex-husbands and baby daddies on social media, but this did not go down well with Nollywood actress and fashionista, Mercy Aigbe who reacted to the message as she was one of those who being affected by the post.

She however said:

“Biko stop tagging me oh! Today na special day and I am in my house, cooking jollof rice, I have said my bit, if you don’t like it (Na you sabi) If you have a different opinion, it’s still very OK, you don’t have to agree with me. In fact I am volunteering myself to push that child support law be enforced in Nigeria, a lot of things go wrong in this country just because the society expects you to be quiet it! Later they will be shouting the system has failed us! mscheeeew if I choose to talk about it let me be! You can state your opinion without tagging me e jor nitori olorun (Meaning I take God beg una)”

See screenshot below:

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  1. They should Respect the future of your children because their baby dadies still the father of their children
    no matter how stupid or useless they are. Making the man irrelevant or trying to bring ho
    Im down on social media is wrong.
    Sort yourself out and move on.

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