Actress Ada Karl slams troll who said she lied about her age

Actress Ada Karl has slammed a troll who claims that she is way older than the 34 years she claims to be on social media.

Ada Karl has been sharing lovely pictures in celebration of her 34th birthday on Instagram when the troll stormed her page and make the accusation..

In response, the actress shared:

34th bday countdown

One day to go…May 6th

Thank you JesusOver 3 decades of this crazy world no be joke.

Quick straight bullet for that idiot who said she knew me frm sec sch…..most of my soldiers on d comment section already knw d idiot am talking abt….Aunty pls am a product of GRACE….everything happened early in my life, money happened early, Nollywoood happened early, d only thing that didn’t happen early is Marriage (thank God) when you pple were busy being teen-brides marrying ur rich suitors after sec sch, I was busy trying to get quality education, trekking to auditions on holidays & chasing my dream…..ur kids prob in sec sch already & am just starting, I didn’t jealous u oh cos I dey my lane jeejeely….now dt am looking so hot & sexy & sweet 16 for my age u will come to write nonsense….

I no dey find trouble oh…bt I bite wen pushed to d wall….if u see me on anybody’s page it must be a positive comment….ain’t u ashamed of urself to say I was ur sch mate & ur busy insulting my person on my page while strangers I met on instagram are the ones defending me cos most of them are enlightened enough to knw wats “research” u even have d balls to attack them….Aunty wetin u gain, why so pained…I ve looked at ur page I can’t remb ever meeting u in my life not even in Sec Sch, u look more like my mother’s sch mate…..

While u are busy chopping ur akpu & garri plus all carbs in d world, sitting down ur lazy @ss over ig for 3hrs monitoring pple, I was prob at d gym & feeding on fruits & salads to look this good, now u r pained…..las las na person wey knw person dey kill person……..

You talk ur BS on any news abt me on instablog & other blogs pple screenshot them I ignore u, now u carry war come my page to humiliate me & spoil my bday vibes…..mbaanuuu….

Aunty if you say one more BS on my pictures I will put up dt ur grandma looking pic, tag u publicly…..afterwards block you, then I will find you & I will wound you!!!

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