Actor, Jamiu Azeez spills more on her clash with Mama Ereko

Nollywood Actor, Jamiu Azeez, who was recently in the new over his newly released movie titled, ‘Oko Ramota’, in which he features Instagram sensation, ‘Aunty Ramota’  where he alleged that an older actress, Morenike Sulaimon, aka Mama Ereko, was trying to imitate the concept of his movie.

Mama Ereko had taken to her Instagram page to attack the young actor in a video and denied the allegations saying the film were of different concept.

NEWSCASTARS.COM however learnt that while speaking , in an interview with Saturday Beats, Azeez maintained that the rift had been resolved. He said, “Iya Ereko has been my mum for years and she would always remain that way. What happened was actually a misconception and I have learnt my lessons. It is very important for one to always verify before taking decisions or actions. I could have placed a call through to her to verify (the information I had). However, I choose to believe that this incident was designed by God to happen that way. I have begged mama and she has forgiven me. She even prayed for me.”

He added, “I had been seeing her (Aunty Ramota) ‘roaming’ the streets of Instagram for a long time and we all laughed at her. However, when I met her, I realised that she needed help. I felt the best way I could help her was not to give her money but to showcase her in a way that people would see that she can be useful and resourceful. That was why I thought of featuring her in the movie.”

He further said; “People can believe whatever they want to believe. God knows everything. He knew my intention even before I shot the movie and He knows I am not taking advantage of her in any way. As a matter of fact, she has got nothing to offer me.”




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