Actor, Alex Ekubo has apologised to me – Ubi Franklin

Music executive Ubi Franklin who got enmeshed in an Instagram stand-off with Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo days ago over a post on motivational speaker misleading people, says the actor has apologized to him.

Ubi had written “Stop allowing motivational speakers to drive you into a place of delusion and intense confusion. Not everyone will be an entrepreneur.”

Alex Ekubo however dropped a comment which read “Ubi, you are the pilot of the flight. Awon inspire to desire, to perspire.”

The MMMG boss in a recent interview said he has moved on from that as Alex has apologized.

“He (Ekubo) was only joking, but I didn’t get the joke. He has already sent a message to apologise. It really wasn’t that serious. Whenever I go for speaking engagements, I always let people know that entrepreneurship is not easy. Because we don’t post our failures online doesn’t mean that a lot of us don’t fail.

“So, for me, I didn’t get his joke but he has already sent me a message, and I don’t have any issue with him. When you have a friend that you see all the time and things like that come from him, you would expect him to have called you and you both would discuss it. I honestly didn’t know it was a joke until he sent me a message that he regretted doing that. Before we knew it, everybody had already seen the post, but he had already apologised, so it is really not an issue” Ubi Franklin told Saturday Beats.


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