A popular male musician will die before December – Prophet reveals (Video)

Prophet Gaisie Nigel who is the founder and chief of True Phrase Hearth Prophetic Ministries gave a shocking prophesy saying a very well known Ghanaian musician will die before December this year.

According to Man of God, the musician revealed to him is a high Ghanaian male musician and is set to die before the 31st December. According to the video captioning the moment he shared the prophesy, he is heard saying;

“I saw a big star who is a musician and I saw that he will die before December 31st. The Lord gave me his details and Musiga must pray about it.

“It will shock the whole world, so I will pray for the person and try to reach out to that person. The devil is on their case, this musician I saw is one of the most top musicians.

“In the study of ethnomusicology, I have not seen his class. He is close to death and I urge you all to be prayerful”

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