A male fan once asked how much it would cost to sleep with me — Actress, Calista Okoronkwo

Nollywood actress, Calista Okoronkwo in a recent interview as gathered by NEWSCASTARS.COM talked about his career, how his parent reacted to her being in the movie industry and others.

Exert from the interview below:


I got into the movie industry after I watched a movie my mum rented from a rental shop. The end credits had the name and phone number of the movie director, so I called the number and he gave me my first shot in the industry. And as they say, the rest is history

The first TV series I featured in was Clinic Matters and my first movie was titled, Too Late to Claim.

Parent’s reactions

My mum fully supported me but my dad found it really difficult to believe I really wanted to be an actress. In his words, he felt I was more intelligent than to throw ‘it’ all away just like that. He never really liked the idea but he still supported me. Whenever I told him I had auditions to attend, he always gave me transport fare. Sometimes, I was punished for returning home after 7pm, which was my curfew at the time. My dad was a disciplinarian but he also had a soft heart.


Fame hadn’t robbed me of anything because I still lead a normal life. I have never lived above my means, so I don’t see the need to impress anyone. I still eat food from local restaurants when I want


A male fan once asked how much it would cost to sleep with me. He went further to say he was ready to pay any amount I mentioned. Meanwhile, I didn’t have any existing relationship with the person, so I didn’t understand why he was so rude and direct. I was even dressed decently on the said day. I found the incident very weird.


My ideal man has to be God-fearing, honest and goal/family-oriented. He doesn’t have to be super rich because we would build the riches together.

Some men have asked me to be their second wife but I declined because I don’t like to share. I want my man to myself. I’m very jealous and territorial when it comes to matters of the heart. I wouldn’t be at peace knowing that I’m not the only woman in my man’s life.

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