A friend secretly built a house without his wife knowing until a fire incident incident occurred after his death – Man narrates

A Nigerian man, Israel Ugwu on Facebook has narrated how his friend secretly built a house without his wife or any family member knowing.

He said a fire incident incident that occurred after his death made tenants who had enjoyed three years free rent broke his apartment to get his wife’s phone number.

He wrote on Facebook;

I had a friend who’s late now. He died in 2018 in a fatal motor accident leaving his wife and 4 children.


Before his death, from 2015-2017, he built a house in Delta state that his wife was unaware of.


For two years, he secretly built a house without anyone knowing about it.


This house had 4 flats in it.


When he completed the house, he started renting them out and kept one flat for himself.


He furnished the house and regularly went there either with an ashawo or side chick.


He collected the first rent in 2017 before his death in a ghastly motor accident.


When he died, guess what?


Nobody, I mean, no single soul knew he had a property!


The most surprising part was, tenants who lived in that apartment couldn’t reach landlord.


From 2018 to 2021, these tenants were living in an apartment worth over 300k for 4 solid years.

Nobody ‘gree park.

It was when one of the flats was on fire and it nearly entered my guy’s secret apartment that people had to dislodge the door and bring out relevant properties before it was kept under control.


When the few properties he had inside the room were removed, house receipts and documents were found amongst them.


They started making calls.


Both his plumber oh, engineer, block supplier and wife’s numbers were among them.


That was how this woman knew her late husband had a house.


Why do one keep such secret from someone they call their partner?


For me this is wickedness oh!


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