2023 Presidency: APC wants to ruin your hard-earned reputation, don’t defect – Gov. Wike warns Goodluck Jonathan

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike on Friday, advised former President Goodluck Jonathan against defecting to the All Progressives Congress, APC saying the party has no good intention for him but trying to ruin his hard-earned reputation.

He speaking this to BBC pidgin while reacting to the possibility of Jonathan defecting to the APC ahead of 2023.


According to Wike, such a move is aimed at destroying him because APC does not like him.


“I will tell him not to go anywhere. ‘These people don’t like you. You should know them very well that they don’t like you. What have they not said about you? Has all the things they said about you changed?

“APC only intend on bringing in PDP people who have a name and destroying them so that they will not have anywhere to go again.

“I respect the former President. I know he is a man of integrity. If I have the chance to advise him, I’d tell him, ‘Sir, please don’t make that mistake. If you want to run for President, run under PDP. Nigerians cherish you more than this government. They have seen that all the things government told them are lies.”




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