2023: Falz speks on plan to join presidential race

Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, has spoken on declaring for presidency in 2023.

The rapper who has been at the forefront campaigning against old leaders, advocating for a better country and for the youths to lead Nigeria has been called into leadership.

However, Falz in a podcast session with Lola Oj said he has no plans of being Nigeria’s President or any other political ambition at the moment.

Falz said: “Being a President, I’ve never thought about it, it’s not part of the plans. I’m just a well wisher that wants everything to be ok in this country.

“I look around me and I see everything is upside down and I don’t think we should be existing like this as a people.

“There’s an entire array of greatness we’re supposed to walk into, but we’re dragging our feet, that’s the problem.”

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