2023: A Christian politician should be ready to take over from Buhari – CAN

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Samson Ayokunle says when a Muslim president leave office in 2023, then the Christian body will be mobilizing for a Christian to take over office.

Rev. Ayokunle said this on Sunday in Jos during an interview with Journalists after a Church sermon where he preached on a theme “Defeating your enemies through the power of unity” at COCIN Church Rahwol Kanang, Jos, Plateau State.

He said CAN will also mobilized its members to kick against Christian/Christian or Muslim/Muslim tickets in 2023.

“Christian politicians should brace up and make themselves available for leadership, it is time. A Muslim is getting out of office and in a country where God has naturally divided us into hundred of millions, then a Christian politician should be ready to take over leadership.

That is the wisdom that will make this nation survive, when all the ethnic and religious groups are given fair play in the scheme of things; and Christians voters also should be able to vote wisely this time around.

Let me say it clearly that any party that present Christian/Christian or Muslim/Muslim ticket is going to fail in 2023. We will mobilize the Christian body to fight against that proposition.

No politician out of his own personal ambition disregard the sensibility of our society. Nigeria is a plural society with complexities, we must learn to manage it very well so that we can give everybody sense of belonging.”he said

Ayokunle added;

“I want both Christians and Muslims to come to understanding that will continue to keep us together and the nation.”

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