16 popular hit songs turning 10 years old this year.

Phew!! We getting old guys and I have proof! (well other than your obvious aging process Duh!) This year will mark the tenth anniversary for many of the songs we used to jam to! Ten years people!

  1. Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

Lawd!!! When this song came out, every little thing we were like “baby baby baby oooo,” even my grandma! Till today this song is still a movement, it’s currently the second most disliked video on YouTube with 10million dislikes! Yikes!

2.  Somebody to love remix by Justin Bieber featuring Usher

Like I always call it, Baby 2.0, we weren’t over baby and Justin hit us with another one. Back then the video was amazing to us!

3. Holla at your boy by Wizkid

Our very own Starboy’s official debut song!!! The song, the singer and his love interest in the video were swoon-worthy and he got our attention from the very first try!!! I remember most people referring to him as “the Nigerian Justin Bieber,” well look at him now!! Star boy is no Bieber! He’s a lot more!

4. Molowo Noni by Samklef featuring Wizkid, D’prince, and Ice Prince

Okay before I say anything about this song, I have to ask, where are the Samklef people? (probably stalking him on Instagram as usual). Okay, this song was a jam and every other Samklef song, even the one he produced, which brings us to……wait for it…..

5. Don’t Dull by Wizkid

This Samklef produced song was a jaaaaam! Period! Fullstop!

6. Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Okay sometimes people forget that Nicki was that pop hit queen, everything she released in 2010 was a hit, from her debut album to the songs she was featured in… and she was featured a loooot!

This song was very addictive, especially the chorus!

7. Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida and David Guetta

These two artistes made amazing club songs together and this song was the start! I didn’t go to clubs then but I sang “clubs can’t handle me right now” At. The. Top. Of. My. Lungs. This song was the bomb, not to mention the cars and the shoes. If you know, you know.

8. Oleku by Ice Prince featuring Brymo

At a point in Nigeria, this song was a replacement for the national anthem “tell me something I know fit do” even people without charisma and swag also sang “feeling the boy yeah, feeling, feeling the boy yeah yeah”

9. Waka Waka by Shakira

Before the release of this song, Nigerians already knew the original version (but not the artist) so imagine how everyone felt when the Hips don’t lie hanty released this song as the official World Cup song and then proceeded to film it in Africa! Ah!!! “Zamina Zamina eh eh Waka Waka eh Eh zamina Zamina ahsjskdkdkdkdk,” everyone sang it this way, don’t lie.

10. Ashawo remix (Nwa Baby) by Flavor

At a time when sex work was being degraded, Flavor boldly made an anthem with the title using the pidgin version of a prostitute “ashawo” not once but twice. The song was first released a few years before in his independent album and then later came out with a bold remix that shook the whole of Nigeria. Strangely, everyone joined in on the vibe and still vibe to it till today! Boss!

11. Find Your Love by Drake

The whole world remembers Drake now for his song, “God’s Plan” but I remember him with this song. Trace TV played this song so much, I dreamt of the music video almost every night!

12. We are Africans by JJC

I no go lie, I don’t remember and never knew the verse to this song but I would always shout “We. Are. Africans.” But really though, where is this guy now? I guess as his name implies, he’ll always remain a “johnny just come” but his song was a jam!

13. What’s My Name? By Rihanna featuring drake

Okay, this song made us question our name and our sexuality all over again, Rihanna with red hair? Rihanna singing about having amnesia after good sex? Freaking hot! I guess that’s why she featured Drake on it, to cool down the temperature because he sure as hell wasn’t needed in the song.

14. Like a G6 by Far East Movement featuring the Caracs and Dev

This weird techno-pop was everyone’s ringtone at a point! A lot of people don’t even know the artistes till today but we all “fly like a g6”.

15. Whip my Hair by Willow Smith

The aura of 10-year-old willow at that point was incredible! Girl slayed! And whipped the crap out of her hair. We all emulated her back then because why not?

16. Mr. Endowed by Dbanj

Once upon the Koko master!! He graced us with hits during his reign! I miss the old Don Jazzy and D’banj! Bring them back!!!

2010 was a great year for music and I sincerely hope after a full decade the same energy will be recycled because we definitely need it! And if you are an oldie, well, I’m sure you jammed to some of them too.

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